On Demand Science Webinars

On Demand Science Webinars


Creating an Effective Biotech Pitch Deck

A pitch deck to investors is a "make it" or "break it" event for entrepreneurs and likely your only chance to convince investors of your technology’s value.

irb protocol

Lesson Learned: Statistical Analysis for IRB Protocols

What do you do when you’re an experienced principal investigator, but a novice statistician for IRB studies? Preparing a protocol for an IRB is not only challenging but has far-reaching consequences. Tune in to find out how performing statistical analysis for an IRB study is a vital component of any protocol.


Clinical Epidemiology and the Path to Better Medicine

Reliable and trustworthy information about treatments and diagnostic tests for given disease are critical for individual and public health, and communication about these topics is complex. This discussion will
provide clinical epidemiology concepts that support the development of diagnostic and
treatment recommendations, and the tradeoffs that are present when developing


HealthTech-Focused Customer Discovery

July 21, 2020 1:00pm PACIFIC TIME Learn the fundamentals of customer discovery with a focus on commercializing healthcare technologies.


DoD Funding Strategies: Understand the DoD Perspective

Funders at the DoD have their own priorities, regulations, and obstacles they must navigate in order to spend their federal research budget each year.


DoD Funding Strategies 2: Understanding the options for DoD funding

The DoD has a wealth of opportunities to support your research and development, but it can be confusing to understand the differences between each type of funding.

business plan

Business Plans Are A Research Endeavor

A business plan can be an action plan. When you use your business plan as a tool to help you outline action items, next steps, and future activities, you are creating a living, breathing document.


Choosing the Right CRO

Collaborating with the right CRO partner is challenging! Now more than ever, outsourcing has become increasingly essential. Not every CRO is alike and you wouldn’t trust your research project with just anyone.


Layered Intellectual Property (LIP) Protection

Are you not confident on how to integrate innovation
and creativity to your organization’s DNA? Do you
possess clear vision of how to build a “factory of
growth” of innovation and creativity that is not stolen
by larger competition?

covid vaccine

Pitfalls, Strategies, and Opportunities in Vaccine Manufacturing – Walking softly through the Minefield

To date, there are a dizzying array of different vaccine platforms and technologies. Many generate great initial promise and are much ballyhooed; however, due to inherent limitations, some cannot be readily made at large scales, while others, due to gaps in design, are not likely to come to fruition.


Four Key Things You Need to Get Heard in the Market featuring Martin Medeiros

Are you 100% confident in entering a difficult conversation? Or do you fear making a wrong critical mistake or blowing a bet-the-company negotiation? Learn a simple 4 step method that is scientifically based and field tested effective, on communicating your needs to the world effectively.


SWOT Analysis: A Business and Personal Success Tool

A SWOT analysis is an incredibly simple, yet powerful tool to help you develop your business strategy, whether you are building a startup or guiding an existing company. SWOT is used in sizing up a company's resource capabilities and deficiencies, its market opportunities, and the external threats to its future well-being.


10 Insider Tips for SBIR Grants

New to SBIR funding? As you launch your new business, understanding the overall structure of the SBIR program and different funding opportunities.


Strategic Negotiation: Basics You Need to Know

Do you know precisely what you need to know before you enter a negotiation? The good news is most do not, but if you attend this webinar you will learn the science very few actually practice.


Problem – Solution Fit

Learn how to clearly define what customer problem are you solving. For your product to be successful in the market it is essential that you are solving a well-defined unmet need that your customer is currently struggling to solve or is solving poorly.


Product – Market Fit

In this session, we will discuss how to match your company's compelling story with your market's need. You will get a deep into defining your customer(s), differentiating yourself from your competition and understand your market.


Evidence-Based Medicine: What is it? Why Should We Care?

What is the best medical approach to Covid-19 or other diseases? In today’s highly charged environments, there is often uncertainty in what the “best” medical approaches are, and it can be difficult to have confidence in some authorities’ assertions.


Introduction to the SBIR Program – Part 1

In this first part of four, we will cover the SBIR program background, eligibility requirements, advantages of SBIR, programmatic structure, deciding whether to apply, challenges for first time applicants, and funding trends.


How to Create a Competitive SBIR – Part 2

In this part, we will review prerequisites, high level planning, the importance of writing
style, aligning an application with division priorities, engaging reviewers, application
structure, the importance of advisory committees and academic collaborators, and a
detailed approach to creating the Summary and Specific Aims sections, with examples.


How to Create a Competitive SBIR – Part 3

In this part, we will review the Research Strategy sections: Significance, Innovation and
Approach. Budgeting will be discussed in detail. We will also review the importance of
advisory committees, academic collaborators and the value of Preliminary Data. We will
wrap up with the structure and requirements for the Commercialization section.

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