Dr. Michael – Chemistry Editor

Dr. Michael – Chemistry Editor

Dr. Michael is a Ph.D.-level chemistry editor for ScienceDocs, having over 6 years’ expertise enhancing the impact of scientists’ manuscripts. In addition, he taught chemistry for 4 years (thereby learning how to distill complex topics clearly and succinctly), helps develop online chemistry courses, and wrote a monthly lay-audience science column (national award finalist) for a local newsletter.

Dr. Michael received his B.S. in chemistry (mathematics minor) from New Mexico Highlands University, and his Ph.D. in analytical chemistry from Penn State. At Penn State, he developed “aqueous two-phase vesicles” as a tractable means of interrogating theories of cytoplasmic organization, investigated unusual and previously unreported phase behavior in aqueous two-phase systems, and developed a means of gently purifying unstable nanoparticle bioconjugates. This research resulted in first authorship on four publications, including those published in PNAS (cover article), JACS, and Analytical Chemistry (accelerated article). He completed postdoctoral training in analytical chemistry at the University of Arizona. There, he used silica nanoparticle monolayers as a means of suspending phospholipid bilayers. Through minimizing contact with the support, he performed electrophoresis of pain-pertinent transmembrane proteins. He also used the curvature of the nanoparticle support to modulate phase separation in the lipid bilayer.

Dr. Michael loves combining his enthusiasm for science and writing; he is one of the few chemists who thoroughly enjoyed writing his thesis. He welcomes the opportunity to continue maximizing the impact of scientists’ research, in a way that is faithful to the underlying science. He has edited manuscripts across a broad range of science and engineering disciplines, yet specializes in analytical chemistry, polymer science, and nanoscience. He has edited well over 1000 manuscripts, and is well-versed in getting your hard work read, used, and appreciated by your peers.

For recreation, Dr. Michael enjoys riding/crashing his mountain bike wherever his wheels take him. Neither a high-speed, face-first wreck into a cholla cactus, nor heavily bruising his ribs in a ridiculous accident at the local bike stunt park, will separate him from his bike.

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