DoD Funding Strategies: Understand the DoD Perspective

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Funders at the DoD have their own priorities, regulations, and obstacles they must navigate in order to spend their federal research budget each year. Learn about the DoD funders’ perspective from a former DoD Grants Officer so you can create more competitive proposals and help the DoD spend its money. This webinar will help familiarize you with the general principles of DoD funding with specific examples from medical research and development.

Dr. Carly Kiselycznyk

As a former DoD grants officer at USAMRD, Dr. Kiselycznyk wrote and negotiated funding opportunities for medical research and development. She acted as a point of contact for research scientists trying to navigate the priorities and regulations of DoD leadership and contracting officers. She is also the founder of a medical device startup and has been on the applicant side of successful NIH and NSF SBIR awards. Dr. Kiselycznyk was trained in neuroscience through a graduate partnership program at the NIH and the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden. Her research focused on the molecular and behavioral neuroscience of stress and resilience with a postdoctoral fellowship at Yale University researching ketamine for treatment-resistant depression. She holds a PhD in Medical Sciences from the Karolinska Institute, and a Bachelors in Biological Sciences from Cornell University.

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