Pitfalls, Strategies, and Opportunities in Vaccine Manufacturing – Walking softly through the Minefield

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To date, there are a dizzying array of different vaccine platforms and technologies. Many generate great initial promise and are much ballyhooed; however, due to inherent limitations, some cannot be readily made at large scales, while others, due to gaps in design, are not likely to come to fruition. But just how does one decipher hyperbole from practicality, identify inherent strategic flaws, delineate the early‑stage candidates that should be further developed, and best orchestrate a process development and manufacturing campaign? In this webinar, we will explore vaccine manufacturing strategy and capacity, process development operations, and outsourcing, as well the best practices to scale up vaccine manufacturing and the levers that can be pulled to significantly accelerate development timelines in a safe manner.

Who should attend: Biotech entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, market analysts, the discerning investor, public and government officials, and all those with an interest in mitigating and eliminating disease by making vaccines available to a wide segment of the population.

Who should not attend: Anti-vaccine activists.

DISCLAIMER: The work included in this webinar is based on peer-reviewed publications, SEC filings, interviews, corporate press releases, news articles, and other forms of publicly-available information. Investment decisions should not be based solely on what is presented during the course of this webinar. This webinar may contain forward-looking statements that involve known and unknown risks and uncertainties, and none of the statements made are on behalf of a publicly-traded or private entity. The views expressed in this webinar do not necessarily reflect the views of ScienceDocs or its management. The content of this webinar is the exclusive property of ScienceDocs and is not to be shared or disseminated with out the express written consent of ScienceDocs.

Dr. Jacobson – Consultant and Scientist

As an academic researcher, Dr. Jacobson studied the molecular basis of autoimmunity and the use of cDNA vaccines as a means to break peripheral tolerance. In early-stage biotech, he led initiatives on IND‑enabling studies for therapeutic cancer vaccines and oversaw relationships with contract manufacturing organizations (CMO). As a consultant, he performed process validation/scale-up activities at a CMO for an oligonucleotide-based adjuvant, and, at large pharma, he was on a team that was responsible for the process development of a quadrivalent influenza vaccine. Currently, he focuses on providing advice on the quality and regulatory requirements for vaccine manufacturing and application submissions. On a personal level, he is an engaging raconteur.

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