Layered Intellectual Property (LIP) Protection

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Are you overwhelmed and confused about which form of intellectual property (IP) can help your organization? Most companies believe the one killer app/device/method, supported by a killer patent will make the company billions. Others spend much time, energy, and resource on the brand that will be the next Starbucks, Nike, Amazon, or Intel.

All those companies do not gamble on one big IP “it” –  they create intellectual property factory culture and have a strategy and plan to make it happen. Martin has helped companies in his strategic IP planning sessions from startups, universities to publicly traded companies. For 25 years, Martin Medeiros is a fixture in Oregon and Washington IP Law, having drafted and edited the Oregon State Bar’s publication Advising Oregon Business for over ten years. Martin was Chair of the Technology Law Section and a member of the Board of the Oregon Bioscience Association. He has negotiated thousands of transactions and will tell you his secrets on getting an effective strategic intellectual property plan.

Learn how to:

  • Use patents in four different ways.
  • Deploy Non-disclosure agreements for protection on the state, federal and international levels.
  • Draft enforceable non-compete agreements.
  • Stop circumvention and reverse engineering of your hard work.
  • Use copyright law as a competitive advantage.
  • Pick a world-class brand.

Martin Medeiros

negotiation expertNegotiation Expert Mr. Medeiros focuses on providing value to clients by solving their biggest problems and helps them avoid losses. At ScienceDocs, he helps entrepreneurs and startup companies with their most high-stakes and risky negotiations and counsels clients on the science of persuasion, influence and negotiation. He also helps them get their company off on the right trajectory or helps with course corrections.

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