Four Key Things You Need to Get Heard in the Market featuring Martin Medeiros

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Imagine if you could learn four things to say that greatly improve your ability to communicate with the market, your boss, or even your family? Forged on the anvil of many years of collaborated research, Martin Medeiros will review an easy to follow research-based method that has saved lives in hostage negotiation, closed multi-million dollar financing rounds, mended marriages and helped teens make the right decisions. Learn:

  • The importance of activating the right part of your brain to negotiate.
  • How to make the conditions of acceptance easy.
  • How to reduce the probability you will miscommunicate or infuriate those in your professional or social circles.

Martin Medeiros

negotiation expertNegotiation Expert Mr. Medeiros focuses on providing value to clients by solving their biggest problems and helps them avoid losses. At ScienceDocs, he helps entrepreneurs and startup companies with their most high-stakes and risky negotiations and counsels clients on the science of persuasion, influence and negotiation. He also helps them get their company off on the right trajectory or helps with course corrections.

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