Business Model Canvas Approach To Developing Specific Aims And Research Grants

Writing a grant or designing a transformative new project is hard work, with many different elements of the project needing to be considered and meticulously thought through. An idea for a grant application/project will typically go through many iterations before something great emerges. Here Dr. Lubman discusses a framework for iterating and working up grant/science project ideas based on the Business Model Canvas system designed for startup companies. It is simple, useful, and can be applied to help write the specific aims page and the rest of the grant application. Much like developing an academic research project, the startup process is very dynamic and creative. Lean startup platforms allows one to work through the issues quickly, evaluate different ideas, and change directions as necessary. Dr. Lubman hopes to convince you that writing a finalized business plan is similar to writing a finalized grant application. Every new research project idea is similar to a new startup company idea. A lot of work and iteration is required before a new research project idea is worthy of a full grant application making the Business Model Canvas style framework a perfect tool for developing new research projects.

About the Speaker

Dr. Lubman is a scientist and an entrepreneur with 20 years of experience in biomedical research in both academic and corporate settings. Dr. Lubman has written and contributed to over 17 different grant applications spanning federal (NIH, NSF) and private foundations raising funds for research and salary support. She has co-authored twelve publications and awarded two patents. Last year, Dr. Lubman won the 2019 LEAP Pitch Competition, a competition designed to propel intellectual property developed at Washington University to commercialization. In this webinar, she will discuss the application of the CANVAS Style approach to writing grants.